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G-LOPEZ Thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview

AISSA- Of course any time! I’m so glad to be here with you doing this.

G-LOPEZ-Tell us about yourself. When and how did you get into hip hop?

AISSA-Well I have to say I got the bug big time in 1995 when Biggies One More Chance came out. I was always writing songs since like 13 but when that track came out, I was hooked. I mean I’ve heard old skool hip-hop and grew up with it my whole life. But something about that track pushed me more into rapping.

I remember in 1997 we had a huge graduation party at my house and I got up on the table and asked for everyone’s attention and spit two raps I had written in front of everyone. They were stunned and loved it and wanted more.

G-LOPEZ-Your music definetly is original. Touches many subjects and switches in moods. Why do you feel that is important?

AISSA-Because we never stay stagnant in our moods or feelings. Life is like a roller coaster ride inside a merry go round. Just like the line in my song. We go thru life’s ups and downs and thru first LOVE and heartache. I write about everything I’ve experienced and I write in a way that people can understand and identify with.

G-LOPEZ-How would you describe the music scene in deltona

AISSA-I believe it’s pretty diverse with a mix of hip-hop and r&b, rock and pop. There’s a lot of untapped talent in this community and I’d love to be that artist who puts Deltona on the map.

G-LOPEZ-You have a song about single mother’s. What was your motivation behind that and how long did it take to put it together?

AISSA-I wrote that song one night thinking about everything I was going thru. How hard it was but how at the same time, I couldn’t imagine it nor want it any other way. I sat on it for a while thinking that maybe no one would really listen or understand my point of view on it until I decided to record it because of a good friend who encouraged me to.

G-LOPEZ-How do you balance your time being a mom, a recording artist, and having a job?

AISSA-Balance is an understatement! It’s also funny. I mean I try my best. My music creation time happens when the kids are in bed. It gets recorded when everything else has been paid and all of our needs have been addressed. My children are the first to hear my tracks and they are the ones with the most critical opinions. I know if something will work or not based on their reaction and input. It’s gold if they keep singing it and want to hear it again even when it’s not recorded yet. They are just as involved in my dream as much as I am in their own.

G-LOPEZ-That’s awesome.

AISSA-I’m not a super woman. But I try my best to be a great mom first with everything else following after.

G-LOPEZ-Have you had a chance to perform live?

AISSA-Of course! I have performed in venues in central Florida and participated in music festivals in deland and Orange city. I have performed at the Abbey in Orlando and at easy speak artist showcases in Daytona beach. I have performed with Sarah Starchak and JT with whom I have recorded several tracks

G-LOPEZ-Who is an artist or producer you want to work with?

AISSA-My dream is to work with Missy Elliott. I’d love to do a track with her. I’d also love to work with David Guetta. I think his tracks would work well with my pop writing.

G-LOPEZ-So whats next for you? What do you have out now and what’s next?

AISSA-I’m working on my fourth album right now. I am getting back in the studio next month to start recording ten tracks with my sound engineer Frank Starchak of Deltona Records. I’m also collaborating with Tony TNT Williams on a couple of tracks that I’m really looking forward to completing. Things are looking good on the horizon and I just cannot wait to get in that booth and record.

G-LOPEZ-3 albums deep. Which would you say is your most favorite out of all?

AISSA-I have to say Deltona’s Finest is my favorite album because I grew as an artist with the rapping and I believe my sound is unique and was really expressed on that album. Plus the collaborations with Sarah and JT are AWESOME.

G-LOPEZ-How can the fans get ahold of you on social media?

AISSA-I’m on facebook @aissatofficial YouTube @aissatorres Twitter@aissatorres Instagram @aissatorressings And my official website is www.aissatorres.com.

G-LOPEZ-Thanks for you time aissa. Any words or shout outs?

AISSA-Yes I’d love to give a shot out to all the single mom’s taking care of their business while raising children and chasing after their dreams. The only person who can ever hold us back is ourselves. Pushing forward is not just for us but an example for our kids that we can do anything if we keep striving and believing.


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  1. Awesome..keep pushing.

    Posted by Cudda Brown | October 29, 2014, 4:14 am

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